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Mold can be found in various places throughout your home or business.  Mold needs a food source, moisture, and warmth in order to grow.  Anywhere there is a water intrusion is a potential place for mold to grow.  Some sources are leaky roofs, leaky windows or doors, flooded basements, plumbing leaks, rainwater pooling under a pier and beam foundation, water or sewer leaks under a slab foundation, too much shower steam in a bathroom, and so many more.  Left unchecked, mold damage can become expensive to repair.  You, your family, or your employees' health can also be compromised.

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Asbestos can be found in almost all building materials.  Some examples are popcorn ceiling texture, joint compound associated with wall systems, floor tile and associated mastics, water heater vents, pipe insulation, mirror mastic, roofing, etc.


Many things can cause poor air quality in a building.